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Popular betting card games are blackjack, baccarat, and poker. However, like most games, it is in the best interest of players to learn the rudiments of these games before you start betting. Today, we will talk about Matthew Friday’s new book on how to play blackjack, the primary rules of blackjack and strategies involved in this card game. This book is going to be featured in an upcoming article written by casino games reviewers on the website of

Overview of Matthew Friday’s New Book on how to Play Blackjack

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The book was written by a blackjack gambler with about 10 years of experience and will be published by Penguin Random House. It is out to change the face of online card games as, in it, you will find blackjack skills that have worked for him across tables.

You are going to learn a lot on blackjack games because it is written for beginners, middle-level gamblers, and professional card players. Some sections in the book cover card counting strategies and why one shouldn’t always rely on it to be successful. Other pages cover money management and how to play blackjack in high and low stakes.

In addition, you are bound to learn more about hole carding, offense and defense tips, rule variations, card tricks like tells, and warps. For blackjack players, reading this book is a must.

What You Should Know About the Game of Blackjack

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The primary objective of this game is to beat the casino dealer by getting a value very close to 22 without exceeding the cost. Before staking starts at a blackjack table, all gamblers need to out their stakes in the front at a selected section on the table. The minimum stake is $3, and the maximum is around $1000.

Shuffling and cutting are regularly done on the blackjack table. The dealer mixes all cards by combining all value cards. After doing this, he asks one of the bettors to cut. Shuffling and slicing deter the illegal act of card counting. However, if it is a dealer that gets the blackjack, he takes all the bets on the table from all gamblers that don’t have. Note that sometimes when both the dealer and a bettor possess a blackjack, it becomes a draw, and the bettor gets his part of the stake back.

Strategies that will Let you Win Regularly

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Although it will be published soon, this is a chapter out of the book on “How to Play Blackjack” by Matthew Friday.

In a card game, beating the bookie even on online blackjack is easy when a gambler follows the right strategies. A bettor has the chance to, stand, hit double, split, and surrender.

Firstly, always try to stick to the game’s primary aim and don’t bet aggressively otherwise the dealer might outsmart you. Make sure you check your bet scale and value to know when to increase or decrease your stakes.

Card counting is an obsolete method of winning in blackjack; bettors should refrain from it. You will understand that dealers have now found various ways to counter card counting like card mixing and penetration. On a final note, the dealer usually has an edge, so it will be in your advantage to keep that in mind and bet wisely.

We have talked about the beautiful game of blackjack, the objectives, and strategies involved in this casino game that you can find in the book “How to Play Blackjack.”